Tea and Artery Function

Tea and Artery Function

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Increased tea consumption may lower our risk of dying of pneumonia. Five randomized controlled trials have shown that people randomized to green tea are about a third less likely to come down with the flu, for example.
Within just one hour of drinking a single cup (200 ml) of green tea, we can significantly cut down on the rate of DNA damage in our cells. Green tea significantly boosts the activity of a DNA repair enzyme in our body that can fix DNA damage. Within a month, drinking two small daily cups (400 ml) of green tea can improve DNA resistance to free radical damage in the first place, indicating that green tea has significant genoprotective (DNA-protecting) effects.
Additional benefits of drinking tea include cardiovascular protection, as both green and black tea can significantly improve arterial function within hours of consumption. Don’t add milk, though. Adding milk to black tea may completely prevent improvement of endothelial function. It appears casein is the culprit, though soy protein was recently found to have the same nutrient-binding effect.
Dr Michael Greger Notes:

If this is what one plant can do, imagine the effects of a whole diet centered around plant foods. That’s the subject of Plant-Based Diets and Artery Function.

Be careful about green tea from China if you eat the leaves. See Lead Contamination of Tea.

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