Dietary Garlic

Dietary garlic has been touted for its remedial properties since ancient times.  Now garlic is gaining recognition for being a functional food as research is suggesting that garlic may offer protective benefits for the heart, brain, and immune system, and improve hypertension, fasting blood sugar, and serum lipid levels to name a few of its superfood powers.  However, most of these benefits have been associated in research with garlic supplements.   Until the safety and efficacy of garlic supplements are addressed, and a recommendation for a standard dose and type come out stick to increasing your garlic use in the kitchen. Garlic is a traditional flavoring that goes great in almost any savory recipe.  Try adding garlic to your favorite hummus, stir fry, or bean burger recipe to name just a few.  
(Information gathered from Today’s Dietitian, The Magazine for Nutrition Professionals, February 2020)