Is Soy Milk the Most Nutritious Non-Dairy Milk?

Is Soy Healthy for Breast Cancer Survivors?

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Plant-based milks have all sorts of benefits over udder-based ones, such as being free of casein, cholesterol, and lactose, having less saturated fat, and actually containing some fiber. The majority of adult humans on Earth are unable to digest cow’s milk. Throughout childhood, our enzyme that breaks down the milk sugar lactose begins to decline in most individuals throughout the world, which makes sense since milk is for babies. Why would we need to digest it after weaning from the breast? So, most people experience symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, intestinal gas, and watery stool or even nausea and vomiting. The global prevalence estimate of lactose malabsorption is more than two out of three people, and, in the United States, it’s more than one out of three. It’s really mostly those of northern European origin who can handle it throughout adulthood. So, to say that everyone should drink cow’s milk seems like an example of racial bias in federal nutrition policy. Not everyone is of Northern European descent. Nutritionally, soy milk is the best alternative for cow’s milk. It has the additional benefit of reducing breast cancer risk in girls and normalizing development. Soy milk consumption is also associated with lower prostate cancer risk in men. And, interventional studies suggest it may improve gut health by boosting the growth of good bacteria. Soy milk also has anti-inflammatory effects, lowering C-reactive protein levels, and desirable effects on phosphorus metabolism compared to cow’s milk. As well, it significantly reduces free radical DNA damage compared to rice milk or cow’s milk, prevents bone loss in postmenopausal women when put to the test, and can improve insulin resistance. Soy milk can also help with stroke rehab, improving walking speed, exercise endurance, grip strength, and muscle functionality, as well as lowering blood pressure in men and women better than cow’s milk––not to mention lowering LDL cholesterol as much as 25 percent after just 21 days. Watch the video “Is Soy Milk the Most Nutritious Non-Dairy Milk?
Doctors Notes:

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