Is Six Hours of Sleep Enough?

Is Six Hours of Sleep Enough?

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Natural killer cells are one of your body’s first lines of defense against viral infections and cancer. They are part of our immune system’s natural rapid-response team.
We have about two billion natural killer cells circulating in our bloodstream at any one time. Blueberries may double the population of our cancer-fighting immune cells, and the spices cardamom and black pepper may boost their activity.
Researchers have also found a significant boost in natural killer cell activity in men and women after they spent a weekend walking in the woods. The same results were even seen after just a one-day trip to the woods and the natural killer cell activity was still boosted a week later.
Sleep may also play a role in our health and longevity. More than 50 studies have followed hundreds of thousands of people for up to 34 years to investigate all causes of death combined. Sleeping too little and too much are both associated with cutting one’s life short, with the apparent sweet spot at seven hours a night.
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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Sleeping Pills

Taking less than just 18 Ambien-class sleeping pills in an entire year may triple the risk of dying prematurely.

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