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Hire Dr. Erin Mayfield To Speak at your next event

Dr. Erin Mayfield gives keynote speeches for corporations, associations, universities and public audiences on Lifestyle Medicine and Women’s Health.

Keynote speaker Dr. Erin

Dr. Mayfield is available to give educational presentations and personalized workshops involving Lifestyle Medicine and Women’s Health. Each presentation is interactive with plenty of time allotted to answering questions. All information presented is evidence-based medicine and consistent with the practices of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Mayfield will happily pair a culinary medicine cooking class with any of the presentations listed below.
Her passion is plant-centered nutrition and exercise for all!

Speaker/ Workshop Topics

Go Green: The Power of Plants

Overview of whole plant centered eating, the Standard American Diet and the science behind the drastic effects of eating animal protein. How to prevent, arrest and potentially reverse over 80% of the chronic diseases we suffer with in our country. We also discuss animal agriculture and the effects on the environment.

Plant-Centered Recipes: How to Create Delicious Meals

It is possible to build a plant-based recipe where every ingredient is heart healthy and anti-inflammatory! Once you have a couple easy foundational recipes, you can build from there! Contrary to popular belief, plant -based eating is more economical and will save you money.

Culinary Medicine and the Teaching Kitchen: Critical Components of Chronic Disease Management

This talk is tailored to individuals or groups that want to understand how the Teaching Kitchen model is such a powerful tool for long-lasting behavior change. Dr. Mayfield is a member of the “Teaching Kitchen Collaborative”, an international organization founded by Dr. David Eisenberg of Harvard University. This presentation would be beneficial to all employers motivated to improve employees’ health and longevity and decrease health care spending.

Menopause Management: Easy Action Steps to Improve Symptoms and Decrease Cancer Risk

“We are what we eat,” sounds simple but is true! The foods that we eat can be inflammatory and damaging to our blood vessels, or anti-inflammatory and healing to our blood vessels. The food that we eat determines the health of our gut bacteria, the microbiome. It’s fascinating and exciting science that when put into action, can be a life changer!

Teen Gynecology Issues: How Diet and Exercise Make All the Difference

Teen girls have complicated health issues, ranging from menstrual irregularities, heavy menstrual bleeding, acne, emotional swings, and menstrual cramping. Some have gastrointestinal issues that can contribute to pain and confusion. At times, hormonal therapy with “birth control pills” is not effective as we would like in controlling these disruptive symptoms. What if there was a way to improve these issues by 25%, 50% or more, that did not involve more prescription drugs or invasive intervention? Let’s get back to basics and tease away the layers of lifestyle that can improve our daughters’ lives.

Pelvic Pain, Ovaries and Endometriosis: Can Food Make a Difference?

We will focus on the causes of pelvic pain and explore how using Food as Medicine can improve pain, improve digestion and decrease the inflammation and impact of endometriosis.

Men’s Health Issues: We Need to Come Out of the Closet!

Learn how various male issues, including ejaculatory dysfunction and “man boobs” can be diet related and how using Food as Medicine can improve and potentially reverse these health problems. The Standard American Diet (SAD), that is meat-heavy, dairy-heavy, full of salt, fat, sugars and processed foods is responsible for 80% of the chronic diseases in our country. Protein myths abound due to food industry marketing. We unpack these issues to open doors to feeling great as we age.