Go Green: The Power of Plants

Go Green: The Power of Plants | Dr. Erin Mayfield | Licensed DO, DipABLM, DipAOLOG

Two Types of Food

A. Harmful- creates inflammatory responses internally; creates an acidic environment, promotes the growth of toxic bacteria in our guts (the microbiome) which creates “leaky gut” and drives the inflammation.

These foods are animal proteins and processed foods. This includes all meat, cow’s milk products, all foods with chemical ingredients.

B. Healing- create an anti-inflammatory environment internally; creates an alkaline environment, promotes the growth of the healthy bacteria in our guts, and prevents “leaky gut”.

These foods are whole plant foods- beans, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. These foods have one ingredient only.


Our recipes include all heart-healthy ingredients. They are anti-inflammatory. Everything that you are eating was made without salt, fats, or refined sugars. When we cook with anti-inflammatory foods and create recipes that are heart-healthy, we can eat without guilt or counting calories. We feel full naturally and the whole plant foods cut cravings and are very satisfying. We sleep better, have much improved gastrointestinal function, and better circulation. Click HERE to get our Recipes and Articles to stay healthy.

When you Change Your Food, You can Change Your Life!

What is the Science?

A. Decades of solid research have demonstrated that 80% of the chronic diseases in our country are primarily related to lifestyle choices-the Standard American Diet (SAD) and lack of movement are key. Meat heavy, fat heavy, dairy heavy, salt heavy, chemical heavy foods.

a. 9/10 Americans do not eat the recommended servings of F/V per day. Few eat beans on a regular basis.

b. 86% of health care dollars are spent treating chronic diseases

B. Chronic diseases include: cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune like lupus and gout, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, fatty liver, and chronic kidney disease.

a. 40% of adult cancers are diet driven, exp. Colon, prostate, and breast cancers

C. 2015, WHO-convened 22 scientists from 10 countries to review
nutrition research and their conclusion: “Processed meats” are a Class One Carcinogen and “probably all mammalian meat.”

Define processed meats: hot dogs, bacon, ham, jerky, and lunchmeat.

D. We have a nutrition crisis in our country

The state of nutrition in children is so dire that the AAP put out a position statement in January encouraging pediatricians to treat obesity in kids aggressively, including using prescription diet drugs and bariatric surgery when indicated. Autopsies of children under age 18 demonstrate the beginnings of coronary artery plaque-due to SAD.

Escambia County child obesity rate is 31.4%, higher than national average of 20%.

The military has declared obesity a “national security crisis” because 1/3 recruits cannot pass the entrance physical exam.

E. Climate Change-animal agriculture contributes 15-17% of greenhouse gas emissions.

To sum things up:

“The alkaline diet is essentially a plant-based diet,” says Dr. Erin Mayfield. “The benefits of it come from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients and eating more of them may decrease inflammation, improve heart health, and can reduce the risks of diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer.” Potential benefits also include “blood sugar control, improved energy levels, healthier digestion,” adds Dr. Erin Mayfield.

Dr. Erin Mayfield and her research has proven success in treating patients with diabetes using lifestyle medicine, upon completion, you will be immediately prepared to address diabetes and insulin resistance in powerful new ways.