Healthy habits

Dr. Stephen R. Mayfield, DHA, MBA, MBB, Coach

Get to know Dr. Stephen

Steve will teach classes on effective and compassionate communication, cooking classes, and coaching life skills.  He is a master facilitator.

Steve made the transition to whole-food plant-eating about 5 years ago, along with cutting out the wine he enjoyed at dinner every night. His blood sugars improved dramatically, and he lost 40 lbs. He has been able to cut his medication use by 75%. His daily gastric distress resolved completely. At 70, he feels terrific and loves to hike 5 miles on the trails most weeks, and practices yoga at home.

He has over 30 years of experience in health care as an Executive and Quality Systems Engineer. He has worked with hospitals and health systems across the country, with an emphasis on optimizing the performance of healthcare delivery systems.  He uses data science and predictive analytics to implement Quality Performance Systems with extensive experience leading teams to successful collaborations and outcomes. 

Other hobbies include reading, gardening, cooking, and playing with our dogs! 

We are thrilled to have Steve working with us!!