Erin C Mayfield, DO, DipABLM, DipAOBOG

Board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine and obstetrics/gynecology, disability examiner (caring for men and women). 38 years of experience working as a physician.  Also, she recently earned her Chef Coaching certification from Harvard University.

Personal Statement:

It has always been my passion to work with patients on their journey to health! I love everything about nutrition, fitness, sleep health, stress management and thriving relationships.  

 I started my own journey as a nursing major in college, where the ideas for taking care of the “whole patient” were born. Later as a pre-med major, I fell in love with osteopathic medicine for the same reasons: commitment to care for the patient in a holistic way, instead of focusing treatment on one disease process. The philosophy followed me into my private practice of 30 years, caring for women of all ages. 

Lifestyle Medicine is the best of all worlds! It is the purest practice of medicine, providing individualized care to every person and their family.  I am eager to share it all with you!!

Personal Testimonial: 

There was a stressful time in my life when Steve was commuting out of state to work and I gained 40 pounds from depression and eating high fat, high sugar foods. It was a vicious cycle- I felt terrible and then ate more which of course, made it worse.  I read the book, The China Study, which changed my life. It was the nutritional research of Dr T Colin Campbell, who demonstrated that people who live in cultures that eat predominantly whole plant foods do not suffer with many of the diseases that we deal with in our country today- those plant eating populations had very little diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancers, and auto-immune diseases. 

I was so miserable and ready to do whatever it took to feel better. No more animal foods for me- that means all meat, eggs, fish and dairy, and I concentrated on eating beans, fruits, veggies, and whole unprocessed grains. 

The whole food plant-based diet is so delicious, satisfying and filling! It naturally cut my cravings for refined foods and sugars, and provided an abundance of critical nutrients including plenty of powerful plant protein. I added in daily exercise to regain strength and resilience. My total weight loss to date is 45 pounds. My chronic insomnia improved so that I now sleep 7 hours most nights. At age 65 and 16 years into menopause, I feel fabulous and excited to greet every day!!!

Come work with us!! The transformation is REAL!! 😊

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