How Healers Heal

This book is about, lifestyle medicine physicians transforming healthcare and their own health.

Dr. Mayfield is a co-author of the book “How Healers Heal”.

Did you know the adult obesity rate is 41.9% and the child obesity rate is 19.7% in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)?

Did you know that obesity-related diseases can be reversible and treatable without medications?

Did you know that healthcare professionals (HCP) are more likely to experience burnout than any other profession, according to the CDC?

Have you heard of Lifestyle Medicine and how it can be a solution for burnout?

Do you wonder how people turn their lives around and how you can do the same?

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    • Discover the field of Lifestyle Medicine!
    • Discover the powerful and personal stories of 33 doctors and how Lifestyle Medicine has changed their lives.
    • Discover how these doctors are using their knowledge to help transform their patients’ lives.
    • Discover resources to help you transform your health.

In this book, you’ll read deeply personal stories from 33 board-certified Lifestyle Medicine physicians about how they are changing their lives and the lives of their patients using the six pillars of health with Lifestyle Medicine. You’ll discover narratives about these physicians’ life-changing events like chest pain, infertility, loss of loved ones, COVID, immune deficiency, alopecia, burnout, and much more, along with how the events were catalysts for their health transformations.

Rising rates of obesity and their related metabolic illnesses of diabetes, hypertension, stroke, dementia, and autoimmune disease are on the rise in the United States right when physician burnout is at an all-time record high. Lifestyle Medicine could be the perfect catalyst for change in a failing healthcare system. A movement of physicians is bringing back the focus to lifestyle medicine and prevention, and it has already proven to improve the lives of these physicians and their countless patients.

Discover the six pillars of health to help transform your health!

Book Reviews

Lifestyle Medicine: A Game-Changer

n a world that frequently prioritizes quantity over quality in healthcare, "Lifestyle Medicine" emerges as a beacon of hope. This book stands as a compelling call for a much-needed paradigm shift in our approach to health and care. The authors, echoing the sentiments of numerous healthcare professionals, myself included, boldly challenge the established norms. They serve as a poignant reminder that our relentless pursuit of medication-driven solutions has not only left our patients and communities underserved and misinformed but has also taken a significant toll on the well-being of healthcare practitioners. On a personal note, having endured the grueling 80-hour week restrictions during medical school and practicing within under-resourced public hospitals, this book resonated profoundly with me. It serves as a refreshing guide towards redefining what genuine health and care should encompass for all.

Hector Carrasco
Amazon Review

Compelling stories

To read that doctors used methods from lifestyle medicine to heal themselves, to read how dire conditions in their lives were before starting to make changes, to read the way their small changes have led to improvements in their health, and to know that even doctors need tools from teachings like lifestyle medicine, even after all that knowledge, to read stories that show their vulnerabilities and some of the most tender moments in their lives led them to make changes, it’s relatable and reading these stories is hella compelling. The book is long. I recommend reading a chapter at a time. This will also allow you to absorb one story, one nugget, one takeaway at a time. I hope this book lands in the hands of a billion readers and listeners for life (style) changing tools and guidance from real people, for real people.

M. Ahluwalia
Amazon Review

In the end, we are all human ....

This book is must read for anyone who has faced health adversity, and found healing with Lifestyle changes. The deeply Personal stories of all the Physicians really touched and inspired me. I felt their care & compassion for themselves, and their patients through their very vulnerable personal stories. In the end, we are all human. We all need help & support around choices when we are faced with health adversity. This book underlines that fact. Lifestyle changes serves my own health challenges, and it was wonderful to learn more about how my own well-being can be improved. My purpose is a long, healthy life – and Lifestyle changes will lead the pathway to achieving it.

Rebecca Landess
Amazon Review

Relatable and Inspirational

I think most people, not just physicians, can relate to the current-day stressors of life that can quickly lead to bad health habits. Modern day society influences us to eat poorly, not prioritize exercise, and develop bad sleep habits. What I love about this book is that I could relate to something in each physician’s story. Each tale is an inspirational story that solidifies the concept that we can and do have control over our health. I hope this book helps educate many who are not aware of how important Lifestyle Medicine is and should be in modern day medicine and in our society as a whole.

Monica EB
Amazon Review

Hidden power of “Self “

This book is very inspiring. Officially or unofficially most of us either know or have heard about some aspects of Life Style Medicine. However, when you read about real life experiences of physicians themselves, it adds a different level of confidence. Yes, most physicians are inherently determined and dedicated but the power of “self “ is within all of us. The book is an encouragement to all of us , mostly women. As women tend to take a backseat when it comes to self awareness. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start this new journey of digging down deep and start healing.

Amazon Review

Lifestyle Medicine can enhance and even save lives

I found this book on Lifestyle Medicine to be just what is necessary to help patients take control of and even enhance their own lives. By illustrating what positive improvements happened when medical doctors applied their lifestyle knowledge and ideas to their own medical issues, they have given real life examples to encourage and guide their patients. In addition, this book is well written and full of knowledge about how to take control of your health by improving different aspects of your lifestyle.

Amazon Review

Inspirational Stories

This book offers up the personal stories, insights and resources from a group of physicians who are passionate about lifestyle medicine. Some of these stories may resonate with you, and you may find a way forward for your medical career toward a more satisfying place in medicine. Whether or not you are a physician or health professional, you will find inspiration in these heartwarming and personal narratives, propelling you to harness the power of healthy lifestyles for your wellbeing.

Liana Lianov
Amazon Review

Excellent book “a must read”

As a HCP (health care provider) practicing endocrinology medicine I witness the devastating effects of Diabetes, Obesity and all associated co-morbidity lending to a massive shifts in quality of life. Not only does this book beautifully offer complementing holistic options for my patients that I believe would prove beneficial in reducing the demand for expensive pharma-therapeutics. But the physician testimonials were a reassuring helpful source in reminding me to care for the healer within. Great Read, highly recommend.

Lucy Ortega
Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars What a great book !

This is outstanding work by amazing women to inspire people on their health and motivation . "How Healers Heal" offers a unique and inspiring collection of narratives from 33 women physicians, sharing their personal journeys towards health through lifestyle medicine. The physicians' experiences serve as a testament to the positive impact that lifestyle choices can have on health outcomes. This anthology not only sheds light on the medical profession but also empowers readers with valuable insights and practical tips for leading healthier lives.

S. Kumar
Amazon Review

Dr. Mayfield is a co-author of this book “How Healers Heal”.
Her Lifestyle program is founded in decades of solid research. When we change our food, we change our lives! As you get older, you might start to notice that different foods affect how you feel. Some foods give you long-lasting energy, while other foods leave you feeling bloated and sluggish.

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