Group Coaching

Group Coaching With Cooking Classes!

The Easier, Smarter Weight Loss Program. See our classes for lasting weight loss! Ditch the diets and get results that LAST.

Group Coaching With Cooking Classes!

Basic Whole Plant Centered Nutrition with Cooking classes.  Weekly interactive group coaching with Dr. Erin will include culinary medicine cooking classes. All participants receive a 1:1, 15 minute private consult prior to the first group session. Participants are encouraged to invite their spouse, partner or best friend!

Dr. Mayfield will communicate with your personal physician if you are on prescription medications. The potential exists to begin to drop blood sugars in 3 days and cholesterol by 30 points in a month.

All meetings are delivered via Zoom. Minimum group of  4 Teams to run this class.

One private consult + 8 week course health investment for Team of 2 – $799.00

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