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In our medical practice, we use the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine as the foundation to help you permanently lose weight, feel stronger and younger, and learn skills to have a healthy long life. 

The Goals are:

-to learn cooking skills to make eating a whole food plant diet easy, affordable and enjoyable!

-to practice taking time in the evening for reflection and relaxation

-to have your Team available for discussion, answer questions and support though a coaching group format

 The Results will be:

-natural permanent weight loss

-healthy eating that you will enjoy for your lifetime

-decrease medication dependence

-develop new habits to replace destructive ones

-feel stronger, younger, calmer and more resilient

 We offer an 8-week course and will work with you to create a healthy food plan, provide exercise classes, help you manage stress, and improve your sleep through live Zoom online meetings. You will have access to live cooking classes, weekly menus and recipes. 

Our live coaching sessions are supportive and non-judgmental. Classes are delivered to you via the internet in the privacy of your home. You will have access to our physician and expert coaches throughout the course.  Our goal is to work with you as a Team in helping you reach your goals!

Your health investment is $599 for our 8-week course. Since lifestyle change is a family affair, this fee covers you and your spouse or partner. We want your household members involved. If you live alone, invite your best friend. We ask you to limit 2 people per Zoom screen. Your success depends on your commitment and participation. At this time we are able to accept clients living in Florida and Georgia.

(Please contact us for a referral if you do not live in FL or GA!)

You will have access to-

1. Live group coaching every week to learn how to implement the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine into your daily lives. Instruction in how to improve sleep, decrease stress, improve relationships, whole food plant -based eating, and the dangers of risky substances.

2. A weekly live cooking class, grocery lists, step by step instruction, and food prep classes.

3. Recovery meeting weekly for those in recovery.

4. Evening 10-minute stretch and meditation

5. Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing discussion, pop up FB lives and group conversation. 


Join us!

How to Use this Program to Achieve Your Best Results

Show up! 

First and foremost, be present and participate every day. It is most rewarding- and FUN- if you and your partner can be at sessions together. If you can’t make it one day, make sure your partner is there to share the information with you later. Above all else, be willing and curious to learn new things! It is the KEY to your new journey and self- discovery!

Work it!

Make sure that you make small changes every day. It is most helpful to create a weekly plan from your health lessons. Use your course materials to help you decide what to do next. Write it down in a little notebook and stick to it. We are here to help!

Ask Us!

Your Team collectively has over 90 years’ experience in health care, fitness and nutrition. We have wrestled with many of the same issues that you are facing. Life is a journey and we are here to help each other!  This is a safe space and all information shared in the group is confidential.

Please fill out the questionnaire so we can better serve You!

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